A group music session may be something new for your child and you may find that they feel confident enough to leave your side and show a great deal of independence. However, very often young children need the security of someone special to them. If your child wants to sit on your lap and doesn't seem to be as actively involved as some of the others, don't worry! It won't be long before they are singing the songs at home and demanding that you do the actions along with them!

Mini Maestros is not about coming together to perform every week, it is a starting point for lots of music making at dinner time, in the buggy, on the swing, in the bath...! The best thing you can do for your child during the sessions is to be a role model for them.... if you sing, dance and have fun, they will be more likely to follow suit! Music making at Mini Maestros benefits everyone.

The sessions at Miranda's Mini Maestros always start with an unstructured time for little ones to explore and play with a range of instruments and for adults to play with them or chat to each other over a cup of tea or coffee.

This is an important time which allows babies and children to become familiar and relaxed in their environment. It also provides opportunities for little ones to explore the wide range of instruments and sound makers available.