A Mini Maestros session is structured around a format which little ones will soon become very familiar with. All the songs are interactive and playful, involving; actions, hiding, bouncing, moving and using props such as puppets and soft toys.

The songs sung at Mini Maestros come from a wide range of sources. Some are traditional, some are new, some are from different countries. They are all simple and are repeated many times so that all the children can join in.

As toddlers grow, the Mini Maestros sessions for over 2 and a half years caters for their greater independence. The sessions are based on themes such as farm animals, teddy bears, the weather, days out and exploring our emotions. Through simple, fun games with instruments, early music skills are established. Mini Maestros extends children's lively imagination through musical role play and story-telling. They have opportunities to play a wider range of instruments and simple musical skills are developed.

There are 2 different age ranges catered for: Under 2 and a half years and over 2 and a half years. These age groups are only used as a guideline however. All children are different and so the needs of each child are considered before they join a new group.

Monday 9.30 to 10.25 Under two and a half

Monday 10.45 to 11.45 Over two and a half

Wednesday 9.30 to 10.25 Under two and a half

Wednesday 10.45 to 11.45 Over two and a half