Hi! I'm Miranda.

I started Mini Maestros in September 2002 with the aim of creating a relaxed, welcoming group for babies, toddlers and young children where creativity, fun and musical exploration played a central role.

These elements have remained at the heart of my approach and are what gives Mini Maestros its unique and inspiring quality. Every baby and child is recognised and nurtured as an individual and I strive to ensure that my music sessions are stimulating for all.

Mini Maestros provides opportunities for your little one to sing songs, play percussion instruments, listen and respond to music, make friends and to have fun. It provides parents and carers with valuable time to make music with their children in a friendly, relaxed and calm atmosphere. It helps make singing and exploring sound, part of everyday life.

Songs and musical games provide your growing child with a huge range of learning experiences. They help develop your baby's awareness of space and time; their memory, their language skills; their co-ordination; self- discipline; self- confidence and their ability to be sociable.

Music is a wonderful way of communicating with children. It is fun, can help build relationships and can develop skills children will need throughout their lives. At Mini Maestros young children have the opportunity to develop a love of music making which often continues through their school years and will hopefully last a lifetime.